Psychological Association of Manitoba

The Psychological Association of Manitoba (PAM) is the provincial regulatory organization for the practice of all branches of Psychology in the province of Manitoba. PAM is legally constituted to register or certify Psychologists for the practice of psychology in all service settings. PAM certifies individuals as Psychologists (Registered Members), Psychological Associates (Associate Members), and as Psychologist Candidates or Psychological Associate Candidates (Candidate Members). Only Psychologists and Psychological Associates (Independent Practice) may practice independently. Other Associates and Candidates must practice under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist. Registered Psychologists can be identified by their use of the "C.Psych." professional designation which indicates that they hold a certificate of registration as a psychologist with PAM.

Consumers of psychological services should confirm the regulatory standing of their psychological service providers with PAM and whether they are registered by PAM to practice independently or under supervision.

The Registrar may be contacted for information about registration by clicking here

Please Note: P.A.M does not offer a referral service.

If you wish to begin working with a Psychologist, please click on the box labelled "Find a Psychologist" to the right and you will be forwarded to the website of the Manitoba Psychological Society. There you may access an online referral directory for both publicly funded Psychologists, and those in private practice (who have self identified the types of clinical issues with which they can assist). Please note that PAM makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information self-reported by practitioners in the referral directory on the MPS website.

If you wish to see if someone is currently registered with PAM, click on the box labelled PAM Registrant Search, and you will be taken to our searchable Database of Registrants. There you can find the registration status of any current PAM Registrant, along with her/his contact information and self-declared areas of competence.

Psychological Association of Manitoba

News and Announcements

January 14th 2015

Censure of Dr. Alan Gutkin, C. Psych.

As of December 5, 2014, Dr. Gutkin accepted a Censure from the Psychological Association of Manitoba Complaints Committee pursuant to Section 22 (1) (d) of PAM’S By Law No. 1 for practicing in the area of forensic risk assessment for which he had not demonstrated professional competence. Dr. Gutkin was fully cooperative and forthcoming during the investigation, he has ceased conducting forensic risk assessments, and he has agreed to not practice in this area without first undergoing a program of training and supervised practice which would need to be set and approved by the Complaints Committee. He has agreed that his Censure would be published on the PAM website for 30 days.

October 29th 2014

Registrants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Manitoba Apology Act. The information sheet, found here:

Information on Manitoba Apology Act

summarizes the Act and the steps Manitoba health care providers can choose to take, in apologizing to clients, for unintended consequences of services provided.

April 24th 2014

Membership Resignation

Effective March 31, 2014, Dr. Cynthia Jordan resigned her membership in the Psychological Association of Manitoba. She is, therefore, no longer registered under the Psychologists Registration Act of Manitoba and is no longer able to assume the title of psychologist, or in any manner to represent that she is a psychologist or to use a title or description of services containing the word “psychological”, “psychologist”, or “psychology”.

Dr. Jordan’s resignation was tendered at a time when the Psychological Association of Manitoba had concluded that she had not completed all of her continuing education requirements under the applicable by-law of the Association and while certain complaints of professional misconduct were proceeding against her. These complaints are currently under investigation and no findings in these matters have been rendered at present.

April 4th 2014

Council and Committee Reports for the 2014 PAM AGM can be found here: 2014 AGM Reports

November 20th 2013

PAM Executive Council has voted to endorse a recently published Reporting of Child Protection and Child Abuse Handbook and Protocols for Manitoba Service Providers, issued by the Provincial Advisory Committee on Child Abuse. Please take the time to review this handbook by clicking on the link below:

Reporting Handbook

August 14th 2012

As highlighted in the latest edition of the Manitoba Psychologist, PAM and MASP have made considerable progress towards the devlopment of a School Psychology registration roster. The details of this progress are outlined in a recent letter to Mr. Milton Sussman, Deputy Minister of Health, which you can read below.

Letter to MB Health

July 8th 2012

PAM Executive Council has recently received legislative approval to create a category of registration, for those wishing to practice in Manitoba, on a time limited basis. Information regarding the requirements for this category of registration, along with application instructions, can be found at the "Application Forms" link under "Prospective members", on the left hand side of the PAM Home Page.

August 1st 2011

In order to provide guidance to our registrants who elect to provide psychological services through electronic means (i.e., practice TelePsychology), PAM Council recently voted to adopt Standards for the Provision of TelePsychology as developed by the Association of Canadian Psychology Regulatory Organizations (ACPRO). These standards may be found by clicking on the "TelePsychology Standards" link found under "Members of the Association" to the left.